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Digital Venice Fashion Week 2020: fashion is online, all the videos here

12 June 2020 - 31 October 2020

Venice Fashion Week Digital is a program of online events, live, backstage, interviews and fashion movies taking place in the most beautiful Venetian venues. Watch all the videos here

Venice was born again through creativity: in June and July we narrated Venice’s life through the Digital Fashion Week, a program of digital events dedicated to designers, artisans, stylists, and creatives. The events, with thousands of spectators online, took place behind closed doors inside the Venetian hotels.

Filmed in an awakening Venice, they presented an unprecedented city of secret rooms, rooftop terraces and contemporary art, breathtakingly beautiful among seagulls and calm waters, full of life and creative ferment in its ateliers and artisan workshops, thanks to the talent of designers, tailors, goldsmiths and artists, the real life force of the city.

Digital Venice Fashion Week includes a series of online events, live streaming, backstage footage, live performances, interviews, and fashion movies, filmed in the most beautiful Venetian venues.

A new format for a new city: Venice has changed and more than before it is a slow city with slow rhythms, where relationships are deep and experiences important. The way in which people communicate, enjoy events, tell about craftsmanship and fashion is changing.

In Venice we had over two months of silence and reflection. They were months full of value, concentration, and study, which gave birth to projects for the future of Venice, and a new season for the Venetian craftsmanship, fashion, and creativity.

With The Digital Venice Fashion Week the public participates and interacts online, discovers locations, dialogues with designers, enters the private lounges and kitchens of starred chefs, boutiques, gardens and Venetian terraces, participates live in walks to discover Venice and toasts with us to the fashion week of the future.

All videos here

The St Regis Venezia presents the limited edition by Tiziano Guardini with Tessiture Luigi Bevilacqua (HERE the video)

Interview with Rodolfo Bevilacqua by Tessiture Luigi Bevilacqua (HERE the video)

Artigiani Veneziani: Valeria Sacchi for Valeria Boncompagni (HERE the video)

Interview by Lorenzo Cinotti with Valeria Sacchi, artist, and designer of the brand Valeria Boncompagni (HERE the video)

Artigiani Veneziani, Norma Marzà for Teo d’Amar (HERE the video)

Interview by Lorenzo Cinotti with Norma Marzà, designer of the brand Teo d’Amar (HERE the video)

Ca’ Sagredo Hotel presents Eleonora Lastrucci (HERE the video)

Interview by Lorenzo Cinotti with designer Eleonora Lastrucci and Lorenza Lain of Ca’ Sagredo Hotel (HERE the video)

Hotel Ausonia e Hungaria presents the Tabinotabi brand (HERE the video)

Artigiani Veneziani, Alessandra Defranza for Tabinotabi (HERE the video)

Atelier23 presents the performance Venezia in Tempesta at the Hotel Aquarius (HERE the video by Sara Pivetta)

Artigiani Veneziani, Venezia da Vivere and Venice Fashion Week present the brand and Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua – brand partner Gaiofatto (HERE the video)

Hotel Palazzo Ca’ Bonfadini presents In Screaming Colors Atelier (HERE the video)

Live on Instagram

Live from the terrace of the H10 Palazzo Canova hotel, the Venezia da Vivere team tells the story of how online communication has been transformed, and their experience of the two month filming  of A Venezia la Moda è slow, a film about fashion in Venice, presented at Cinema Barch-In yesterday.

Live from the hotel The St Regis Venice Venezia da Vivere interviews fashion reporter and TV author Valeria Oppenheimer. A conversation about the evolution of the digital fashion weeks, and a virtual and real toast from the hotel terrace on the Grand Canal where the Venice Fashion Week Digital started.

The project for a craftsmanship and manufacturing relaunch in the Veneto region of Fashion

Venice Fashion Week’s commitment is to bring the international debate on sustainability to Venice. Our latest project between fashion and high Venetian craftsmanship, is the collaboration between Tiziano Guardini, Eco designer winner of the Green Carpet Fashion Award, and the ancient Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua of Venice. They created a limited-edition capsule collection of clothes made by a group of artisan companies in the Tavolo veneto della moda, in collaboration with Venice Fashion Week.

The project video was presented at the 77th Mostra Internazionale di Arte Cinematografica 2020 as part of the Cinema Days event at the Excelsior Hotel, Lido di Venezia. The meeting Impresa cinematografica: territori in rete saw experts in the sector, including Laura Scarpa and Lorenzo Cinotti, discuss the cinema of tomorrow and the development prospects for this sector. The experience of the Digital Venice Fashion Week, designed by Venezia da Vivere, was also presented. It was a journey through innovative storytelling and communication that led to the creation of the 2020 fully online edition: “The web and social networks are essential tools for companies to make themselves known and be competitive on the market – Laura and Lorenzo said – this is why it is essential to train them, bringing them closer to the digital tools“.

See all the reports on instagram.com/veneziadavivere and instagram.com/venicefashionweek.

The eleventh edition of Venice Fashion Week will take place in Venice from 22 to 31 October 2020.

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