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Venice Fashion Week: Slow Fashion in Venice

18 October 2018 - 10 September 2020

The Venice Fashion Week brings sartorial, ethical and slow fashion to Venice

Catwalks, events, exhibitions that reveal the contemporary side of the Venetian tailors and their collections, created thanks to the collaboration between the ancient knowledge of the historical, traditional companies, and the vision of the future of the modern designers. Venice Fashion Week is a promotion and an enhancement of the high Venetian craftsmanship and talents of the territory to raise awareness on current issues of ethical, tailoring and long-lasting fashion, until the grand finale with events, cocktails, fashion shows and dj-sets for a fashion festival open to everybody.

Venice becomes the capital of slow fashion and a workshop for designing new lifestyles, together with designers, companies, Venetian people, Italian and international tailors. Venice Fashion Week is a project by VeneziadaVivere in collaboration with the City of Venice, the Veneto Fashion Table, the Piazza San Marco Association, the Management Department of Ca’ Foscari University and IED Venice.

Davii stilistaApart - slow fashion

Make it right; make it different; MAKE IT LAST. At the Hotel Ca ‘Sagredo we will reflect on sustainability in fashion and on the opportunities offered by top craftsmanship, for a new rebirth of Venice

Veneziadavivere, the Management department of the Ca ‘Foscari University and the Hotel Ca’ Sagredo are organising a day of study on the themes of Venice, high craftsmanship and ethical fashion.

The restoration of the Gran Caffè Quadri in Piazza San Marco; the Homo Faber on the island of San Giorgio, a recent exhibition dedicated to the high European craftsmanship and the second appointment with the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, which closed the Fashion Week in Milan, show the importance of the Venetian craftsmen and the great value of their materials. An outstanding support to the Made in Italy.

Make it right, make it different, make it last. The world institutions for the safeguard of the planet are asking the world of fashion to transform the perception of the product to counterbalance the ‘fast’ fashion and to work towards a zero waste; craftsmanship and tailoring is the way forward.

Apart - modaPalazzo Marin ph. Roberto Rosa

V73 borse


Handmade clothes and accessories guarantee the quality of the products, standing out from homogenisation, they tell the story of the territory, and they tell the culture and the background of the high Italian craftsmanship and promote a conscious and sustainable use.

Venice Fashion Week wants to sensitize the public to the beautiful creations that only the skilful hand making and the right passion are able to produce and it intends to launch a positive message for the new generations working with dedication in creative and craft work.

Model Casting

To participate in the Model Casting for Venice Fashion Week
fill out the form here bit.ly/casting_VFW2018
or write an email to hello@veneziadavivere.com
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The cover photo is by Roberto Rosa, model Eleonora Pieretto. The designers of the following photos: Davii, Gaiofatto, Apart, Apart (photo by Luigi Tolotti), RRaro (photo by Roberto Rosa), Martina Vidal (photo by Roberto Rosa), V73, RRaro (photo by Cristina di Bella), VeraRoad.

Venice Fashion Week

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Model Casting:

To take part in the Model Casting on October 6th in Venice fill out the form
on bit.ly/casting_VFW2018
or write an email to hello@veneziadavivere.com